Friday, November 28, 2008

Handmade History: Making Pigments

From a 1753 English patent granted to Edward Dighton for printing and hand-coloring wallpaper:

The colours and stains used are as follows : — For a blue, prussian blue ground in vinegar ; for a red, carmine mingled in vinegar; for a yellow, saffron steeped in boiling water; for a green, sap green steeped in vinegar ; for another green, verdi-grease ground in vinegar ; for a brown, tobacco stalks steeped in boiling water ; for a purple, carmine mingled with prussian blue. Colours used in printing off the aforesaid plates are, Frankfort black, brown umber, rose pink, rock indigo. Gold size in gilding the work is made of linseed oyl, amber, red lead, umber, and turpentine oyl boyled and mingled all together. Another gold size is gum arabick, sugar candy, and vermilion, boiled together.

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