Saturday, November 1, 2008

That's why it comes in cakes

Handmade soap comes in an endless variety of intense scents, and as the senses of smell and taste are so closely related, it is understandable that the impulse to taste it is strong.


It doesn't help matters that so much handmade soap is made to look like food. Whether this is an extension of the desire to eat soap or the desire to rub certain sweets all over one's naked body is a matter of personal preference.


Beadsme said...

Mmmm this look delicious enough to eat.

Laura said...

I want to rub Lindt chocolate all over my body, but at least this stuff gets you clean.

Artisan soaps are the coolest thing on Etsy, I think. Except everything else. I'm seriousy in awe of the talent I see there every day.