Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting more from Etsy Site Search

Once you have set up Site Search in Google Analytics to tell you what search terms people are using to find your items in Etsy's search, it's useful to match the search terms with the actual items they are viewing. Here's how:

From your Search Terms report in Google, click on one of the terms:

This will open a separate report for this search term. Find the dropdown menu that is called Dimension.

From the Dimension menu, choose Landing Page

This will display the URL of the pages that were found and clicked on using this search term.

Remember! Not only do links to your items show up in Etsy searches, but so does a direct link to your shop. You may see visits directly to your shop in this report, which means that someone searched with these search terms but instead of following a link to your item that showed up in the results, they clicked on the link to your shop page.

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Jennifer Ladd said...

Thanks! Very interesting!