Sunday, March 1, 2009

Etsy Referral Codes updated

Thanks to the sharp eyes of some Etsians, I've added and updated some of the referral codes that Etsy uses in the internal links on the site, which you can use to track the source of your internal Etsy traffic.

The newest list is here:

Etsy Traffic Sources

The original post explaining how to use them is here:

Internal Tracking with Etsy Stats

And the screencast walkthrough can be seen here:



Anonymous said...

Wow... great Info. Will follow these steps to know my stats. Thanks!

Isette said...

Thank you for this list! I decided to so a little search for things by category, to see if I do get a lot of hits from the category views (such as jewelry or geekery). Much to my surprise I only get category hits from January 28th - February 4th, for all three of my Etsy shops. (Found by looking at "Top Landing Pages" and searching for the word "category") Are they not showing search types anymore?

Bookman said...

Try searching for "ref=cat" instead of the whole word "category"

Christy DeKoning said...

very helpful. thank you!

Isette said...

ref=cat gives me a lot of data, but no information about what people are searching for within categories.

"Category" is part of the search types, and tells me what keywords people are using, and at what level in the category tree they are searching (here's a random example: /view_listing.php?ref=sr_list_3&listing_id=20521933&ga_search_query=acrylic&ga_search_type=category_tags_jewelry ) I have a hard time believing in the last two months these kinds landing pages only show up for a 7 day period, which makes me wonder if they aren't showing search types anymore.

Bookman said...

I misunderstood, Isette. I didn;t know you were talking about Site Search.

Yes, they are still reporting category searches. You can verify this by doing a category search and looking at the URL of the items that show up. I just did a category search for your Epershand Necklace - see if it shows up in your GA in a little while.

Have you checked your Site Search setup to see if that has changed at all? If your category parameter got changed somehow, it might have stopped tracking search types suddenly.

moonbindery said...

Your GA tutorials are incredibly helpful! I have had GA for a while, but couldn't figure out how to get meaningful information from it. Thanks!

Isette said...

Nope, not a blip! Thanks for the search, though...I wonder what I did to mess up the settings. As far as I can tell, they are exactly the same as what is recommended in the storque.

I need a personal tech advisor! :)

Leuf said...

There are a couple more

"recently_listed_items" = recently listed items flash app

"ref=pounce" = pounce

I am working on a greasemonkey script to translate all the codes right within GA and total them by type.

Bookman said...

Thanks, Leuf - and let us know when your greasemonkey script is ready so we can help spread the word!