Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Turn on your 1KM Site Search

With Google Analytics now enabled for our 1KM sites, there is plenty of information that can be extracted about how people are finding your site. One of the first things you might want to turn on is Site Search, which will track the search terms that people are entering into 1KM's search box to find your items. Here's how to do it:

Open your Google Analytics account and find the line for your 1000 Markets account. Click on the Edit link on the right.

Click on the Edit link in the upper right of the Main Website Profile section

Scroll down to the section that says Site Search

Fill it out as it shows in the image:

1. Select Do Track Site Search

2. In the Query Parameter box, enter site_term all in lower case with an underscore between

3. Select Yes, strip query parameters out of URL

4. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes

Now open your Analytics report and find the Content tab in the left hand sidebar. Click it and find the Site Search tab. Click it.

You will see an overview of the visits to your page that came through the
search function at 1000 Markets. To see a list of the search terms they
used, click on the Search Terms tab:

You will get a report showing ranked by the most common search terms. These
are reported whenever someone clicks on one of your items in the search
results and tells you what search terms they entered to find your item.
You can click on individual search terms to find out more, such as the
actual items they found with those terms.

It will take a little while for data to start flowing in, so be patient!

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