Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tracking your 1KM Appearances on the Home Page

1KM inserts a little bit of code into the link of products that are shown on the home page. When someone clicks on a product, that information is passed along to Google Analytics, making it possible to see if you have received any traffic from products of yours that were on the front page.

Here's the simplest way to check - look at the URL in your Content report. Home page items will include the code site_medium=homepage. Like this:

You can search through your content reports using the little search box at the bottom of the report. To use it to search your report for page views from the home page, first go to your Top Content report, under the Content tab in the menu on the left sidebar.

Then look at the bottom of the list of URLs for the Filter Page box.

Enter the word homepage into the box and click Go.

Google will search your content URLs and return any that have the word homepage in them.

If you find that one of your products has been linked from the home page, you can drill down even further by clicking on the URL. This will tell you the day on which the link was clicked, how long people who found you on the home page spent looking at your site, and so on.

Note 1KM currently only puts the homepage code in the links to individual products that appear on the home page, not in the links to featured shops or markets.

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