Monday, December 27, 2010

Tracking Your Newsletter Traffic

If you have followed my instructions to set up an automatic e-mail newsletter for your Etsy shop, you will want to start tagging the links in the e-mails so you can track the traffic you get from them. Here's how:

From your Feedburner account, click on the feed for your Etsy shop e-mail.

Click the Analyze tab. This will show you some basic stats for your feed.

In the menu on the right, click Configure Stats.

Check the box next to Item Link Clicks the box for tracking clicks in Google Analytics should also check automatically.

Save your settings.

Links to your items that appear in your e-mail will now be tagged with the medium Feedburner and the source email. You will see them appear under these terms in your traffic report. Your feed will also now appear as a separate campaign in your campaign report.

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